What Is a Tier 1 Forex License?

The United States and Europe are 2 regions where one can find tier 1 forex licenses. We explore the specifics in today’s post.

A tier 1 forex license represents the most reputable and globally recognized forex broker license available in the marketplace. Before we jump into specifics, it’s worth noting that license “tiers” are quite subjective. Our preference is to classify forex broker licenses based on geographic location rather than tiers. Nevertheless, read on to learn more our thoughts on top tier forex licenses.

Examples of Tier 1 Forex Broker Licenses

Based on our professional experience, we consider the following jurisdictions / license to represent what one could classify as Tier 1:

What are the Requirements For Obtaining a Tier 1 Forex License?

The main reason the regions above made our view of Tier 1 relates to the capital needed to maintain the license. Although very few licenses now exist, a forex broker licensed in the United States must have $20 million in capital to receive NFA approval. Capital requirements are not as extreme in Europe but still approach almost 1 million Euro for any license offering market making activities.

In addition to relatively steep capital requirements, all tier 1 forex broker licenses require a physical office, team of experienced directors, and a variety of reporting obligations. If you looking to start your own forex broker, we do not recommend one of these licenses due to the high barriers to entry.

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