Why Consider A Cryptocurrency License in Labuan?

Labuan, Malaysia is one of the few jurisdictions in the globe offering a smooth and easy to follow framework for the licensing of a cryptocurrency exchange. While many jurisdictions allow for the registration of a company, the benefits to an exchange are limited. We’ll outline the key advantages in obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Labuan, Malaysia.

#1. Banking Options for Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Excellent in Labuan, Malaysia

The biggest advantage in registering a cryptocurrency exchange in Labuan is the ability to access top tier banking. Experience shows that few exchanges are realistically able to operate without some access fiat payment options. The challenge exchanges face in other parts of the world is the hesitancy of local banks to accommodate cryptocurrency exchanges. Not only is it possible to obtain banking access in Labuan, Malaysia, the options are quite attractive to say the least.

#2. Approval Time for Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Labuan is Timely

While Europe is often a much sought after region for cryptocurrency licensing, one should expect extremely long periods of approval, approaching 12 months or greater. In Labuan one can be up and running in half the time. While license approval is never instant, not is it recommended one should seek it out, we find the approval time in Labuan to provide the right balance in terms of the reputation of the region vs the time needed for approval.

#3. Flexibility & The Ability to Offer Additional Products

Labuan, Malaysia is friendly to all aspects of finance. With a Labuan licensed entity one can issue their own tokens on an exchange, offer stable coins as well as margin trading. Additionally, if one wishes to launch a multi-asset brokerage that extends beyond cryptocurrency, this is more than possible in Labuan, Malaysia.

Atomiq Consutling – Cryptocurrency Licensing Expertise

Atomiq Consulting has been guiding exchanges and foreign exchange brokerages with licensing options since 2014. Our experience, attention to detail and overall knowledge make us the ideal consulting firm to assist your cryptocurrency exchange with a license in Labuan, Malaysia.

To learn more about obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Labuan, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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