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    Fully Customizable Website Widgets and Plug-Ins

    We help your broker stand out from the pack with our unique suite of website widgets and plugins

    • Scrolling Ticker Symbol
    • Imbedded Charts
    • Economic Heat Map
    • Customized Forms
    • Much More!

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      Forex Trader’s Cabinet & CRM Solution

      Trading platform integration, account sign up forms, task automation and much more!

      Forex Website Design

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        Forex Website Domains For Sale

        Our forex & crypto themed website domains for sale have been carefully selected for optimal SEO engagement, market recognition, and website growth. Check out our current offerings below and contact us today to obtain a price quote!

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            Custom Website Widget & Plugins

            Forex Trader Cabinet & CRM Integration

            Forex Website Domains For Sale

            Website Hosting Services

            Multi-Language Integration

            Website Templates For Sale

            Custom Logo Design

            Content Writing
            & Translation Services

            Forex Trading Cabinet

            Save Valuable Time and Resources with Our Trading Cabinet CRM Solution

            Our Forex Trader Cabinet is the ideal CRM solution for both new and established brokers alike

            Our FX Trading Cabinet will help to automate a variety of tasks to improve the day to day operations of your brokerage:

            • Automation of deposits & withdrawals Automation of deposits & withdrawals
            • Customizable and fully configurable email notifications
            • Fully integrated account application forms and document upload areas

            Save Valuable Time and Resources with our Trading Cabinet CRM Solution

            The Atomiq Consulting FX Trader’s Cabinet offers your client an easy to navigate client portal that is fully customizable to the needs of your broker, which includes color layout and design.

            Forex Website Design Portfolio

            We are pleased to share our portfolio of professionally designed forex websites and forex themed website templates.

            Everything You Need to Build Your Own Forex Broker Website: Powered by Atomiq Consulting

            Fully Custom Logo Design

            Choose Your CMS: – WordPress,
            Drupal, Sanity, Joomla, and More!

            Website Hosting Services

            Forex & Crypto Themed Content Writing

            Forex Translations in Dozens of Languages

            Fully Responsive Mobile &
            Tablet Design

            Forex Website Domains For Sale


            Fully Customizable Website Widgets & Plug-Ins

            We help your broker stand out from the pack with our unique suite of website widgets and plugins

            Price Feed Widget

            Our price feed widget will display a customizable display of current market rates which includes forex, CFDs and even crypto currencies. You’ll have the ability to customize the displayed pricing and even adjust the spread.

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            Spread Calendar

            Spread summaries are typically compiled weekly. For each price feed, we calculate the average, maximum, and minimum spread for the whole week. We also calculate the average/maximum/minimum during specific sessions of the day such as London, New York and Tokyo.

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            News Feed & Calendar Integration

            All the spread information can be provided as widgets for display on your website, to clients/visitors, as well as for internal use. All widgets are fully configurable in terms of size/colours/languages etc.

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            Take Your Forex Website to the Next Level

            Forex Themed Copywriting & Content Generation

            Our team of in house content writers will deliver unique, SEO rich content that will make your website truly stand out from the crowd.

            Forex & Crypto Themed Domains for Sale

            We have a variety of SEO rich, forex & crypto themed website domains available for immediate sale. Contact one of our specialists to receive a price quote.

            Forex Translation Services

            If you need an accurate, high-quality translation that meets all of your expectations, you have come to the right place.

            Forex Website Design Services – Get Started Today!

            Buy a Ready Made Forex Website or Domain Today!

            If you are looking to quickly launch a forex broker website, we have ready made websites for sale along with SEO friendly, forex website domains.

            Book an Appointment with a Website Specialist

            If you have any questions about our forex website design services, pricing, or customization, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists today!

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