Outsourcing Forex Services Can Be Very Positive – Just Ask Our Clients!

Atomiq Consulting Specializes in Outsourcing a Variety of Forex Services

Outsourcing often has a negative attribute associated with it. When it comes to outsourcing forex services though, we’ve had plenty of happy clients.

The term outsourcing sometimes carries a less than pleasant connotation, often it’s assumed one is receiving an inferior service just because it’s not done locally. What many don’t take into account though is that globalization has opened numerous doors which were previously closed. It’s why we’ll argue that outsourcing forex services can be very positive. Many of the forex brokers we work with are new to the industry, and without the services we offer, would struggle to find ways to compete in the forex market. For those who carefully analyze the industry, increased competition has made the market a much more favorable environment, not just for transparency but for execution and spreads, too. A few examples of our outsourced services can be found below.

Forex Call Center

Finding and training a sales team that is driven, able to consistently deliver results, and understands the business is not easy. For this reason, many forex brokers consider outsourcing sales via our call center. Our experience, industry knowledge, and prior track record make us the perfect choice for this service.

Forex Website Design

Forex brokers just starting can find it challenging to secure a local website developer that also knows the industry. While some exist, many might already be working with established brokers and expect to receive similar fees from new clients. The alternative is to seek out either a local firm that doesn’t know the industry or search on the Internet, which is always a gamble. We are one of the few firms that offers website design services that are geared specifically to FX brokers; we gladly show our portfolio to those interested.

MT4/MT5 Server & Administration Support

Brokers working with MT4 or MT5 often require IT consultation assistance. Our services range from data migration, markup settings, bridge configurations, system optimization, all the way to the hosting set up. Those are just a few examples of the ways we’ve helped our clients reduce costs.

Risk Management

In many cases a new broker may only be familiar with the sales, marketing, or operations side of the industry. It’s a common assumption that risk management is nothing more than group shuffling, a concept that has led to the bankruptcy of many firms who tried. Those serious about being in the business long term should consider having their risk managed by a team of professionals, something we can assist with via one of our strategic partners. As forex sonulting experts, Atomiq Consulting specializes in a variety of outsourced services, such as call centers for forex brokers, dealing desk management, forex website development, and outsouced IT support. To learn more about any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a look at some of the additional services our clients have found to be helpful in the growth of their business.

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