MT4 Server Management

IT Issues – How Much Can They Cost Your Brokerage?

Our experience shows that IT issues can have the largest impact on an MT4 broker’s bottom line:
Potential Client Goes to Competitor
Potential Client Goes to Competitor
Potential Client Goes to Competitor
Potential Client Goes to Competitor

It’s clear that every MT4 broker needs an IT team, however, this brings up an interesting point:

How Do I Find an MT4 IT Specialist/Administrator?

Not easily. Because MT4 knowledge is a unique skillset, it will take time to locate a qualified system administrator. Consider our estimate:

1. Job ad posting = 1 week
2. Interview process & candidate search* = 3 months
3. Verification of competency = 1 week
4. Training & onboarding = 1 week
Total Time = 3 – 5 months
Why Consider Atomiq Consulting’s MT4 Outsourcing Services?

15 years+ in MT4 integration, server management, and administration

We’ll start working on your server in just a week’s time

24-hour availability, dedicated phone numbers, and regardless of the location we’ll accommodate your schedule

Cost Effective
An entire IT team at your disposal without the need for additional office space, no recruitment fees, candidate search, or paid holidays/sick days


We’ll cover the gamut of server wide configuration settings, tailored specifically to your needs: groups, symbols, and securities to name a few.

24 Hour System Monitoring

It’s a given that trading and prices remain uninterrupted, we ensure this happens during the entire trading week: Sunday- Monday.

Best Practices

Save your brokerage time and money by using our suggested server settings to optimize performance.


We’ve encountered just about every problem there is, no issues is too large for us to tackle.


If training of staff is required we are also available to assist and provide full documentation as well.

System Tools

We’re familiar with all tools related to MT4 server management: bridges, MAMs, plug-ins, etc.


All clients receive a dedicated phone number, we are always only a phone call or text away.

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