How Do I Become an Introducing Broker / Affiliate in the Forex Market? 4 Useful Tips to Help You Get Started

Becoming an IB is no different than launching any new business venture. Read on for some helpful guidelines, which outline how to successfully become an Introducing Broker in the forex market.

Entrepreneurs and investors interested in the opportunities offered in the foreign exchange market often ask us how to become an introducing broker. Before we jump to our answer, it’s important to remember that many established forex brokerages started off as introducing brokers (IBs). Although you can ask each broker what got them to where they are today – and you’ll find different paths in each case – we feel the most important takeaway is that at some point the potential IB decided to throw their hat in the ring and give the business a go.

By deciding to become an introducing broker, you are essentially establishing your own business. This means that the amount of effort you exert will determine how successful your venture will be. Whether you intend on becoming an IB to earn some additional income, or eventually go down the path of starting your own forex brokerage, the same rules apply. In short, becoming an IB should be approached the same way any entrepreneur would assess a new venture.

To guide you in becoming an Introducing Broker, check out these 4 useful tips:

How to Become a Forex Introducing Broker (IB) / Affiliate?

1) Starting With The Basics – To get straight to the question, you don’t require much to start your own IB business. First, you’ll need to have a website, which is something nearly every business must have these days. If you aren’t sure how to develop the website, that’s not a problem as one of our core services at Atomiq Consulting is developing custom websites for IBs and forex brokers.

After you’ve set up a website, you should also incorporate a new business entity. In addition, you’ll need to set up a bank account in order to both make and receive payments. Fortunately, Atomiq Consulting is also able to assist you with both services: the incorporation of the new business entity and bank account. Once you have the website running and company established, the next step is to promote your business.

2) Developing a Marketing Plan – Think of what initially attracted you to the forex market. Were you trading stocks but looking for something different? Was the generous leverage available in the FX market more interesting for you? Were you looking to develop your own trading algorithm / EA? Whatever it was that brought you to the FX market, remember that others share your same passion and make that your edge.

We also suggest taking advantage of the many online communities and groups that have popped up over the years. By browsing through online forums, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you’ll find plenty of areas where traders are gathering. Try to form a one-on-one relationship with some the group/forum members to find out what they are looking for in a broker, it’s a good first step in growing your business.

When growing your Introducing Broker business, don’t forget about local groups and communities that may be interested in learning more about your business offering.

3) Focus on Local – Don’t forget local communities either. You can most likely find several meet up groups or clubs that would be interested in learning more about the foreign exchange market. A presentation to a local investment group, automobile club or sports group could be an excellent way to build a grassroots foundation for you IB business.

As a final thought, if your Introducing Broker business is struggling to gain traction, you may wish to consider our lead generation and traffic services. By taking advantage of the latest trends in marketing and social media, we are able to deliver high quality leads from around the world, even targeted in native languages. Our marketing services could very well be the boost that your IB business requires to take its growth to the next level.

4) Experience & Education – The more you learn about the FX market, the more effective you’ll be as an Introducing Broker. Even though the forex market is still fairly new, there is a plethora of information available on the subject, most of which you can obtain for free. Our suggestion is to begin with the basic terminology surrounding the market and then move on to more specific subjects that pertain to trading.

We strongly suggest opening a live trading account as well so you can better understand how the market works. A demo account is useful for learning market terminology but you’ll never fully understand the psychology of the market until you trade with real funds. The experience you’ll gain will be invaluable and no doubt greatly assist you in growing your introducing broker business.

Atomiq Consulting – Your Partner for Introducing Broker / Affiliate Consultation & Guidance

Due to our extensive network of forex brokers, liquidity providers, and technology firms we are able to offer you a competitive Introducing Broker package that will set you on the right path to success. Whether you are looking to start off as an Introducing Broker or eventually establish a white label and launch your own forex brokerage, we are more than happy to assist you further.

To discuss our services in greater detail, obtain a price quote, or simply ask a question, contact us today!

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