5 Essential Components All Forex Websites Must Have

The number of languages your broker intends to offer as well as the integration of application forms are a couple examples of the “must haves” we recommend every forex broker consider when developing their website.

Whether you are looking to¬†launch your own forex white label trading platform, or are simply interested in upgrading an existing website, it’s important not to overlook some of the basic components every forex website should have. Although a successful forex broker website will require far more than just 5 components, our experience has shown that any successful forex website should contain the following elements:

#1. A “Language Ready” Forex Website

It’s rare for a broker to only target a single region or country. For this reason, we advise your brokerage to decide how many languages will be available before launching the website. Without the necessary planning, it can be a logistical nightmare to make even small changes to your website when you have to factor in multiple languages. This holds especially true for regulated FX brokers where policy or legislative changes will require simultaneously adjusting the text on all language pages. As part of our forex web design services, we always plan out the languages your broker wishes to implement in advance, thereby avoiding this headache.

#2. PSP & Payment Gateway Integration

Payments in the form of credit card, debit card or via a PSP (payment service provider) are by far the most popular way for clients to deposit funds. A broker offering only wire transfers is severely limited in the attractiveness of their offering as the competition is most likely offering more. For this reason, the integration of payments is a must have for any successful forex website. The necessary technology, however, is required so that payments are seamlessly and easily integrated into your broker’s website, a feature that is available via our Forex Trading Cabinet software.

The integration of online application & demo forms is one of the many features available with our FX Trader Cabinet technology.

#3. Live Chat

Due to the competitive nature of the forex industry, new customers must have the ability to ask immediate questions about your broker’s offering. In most cases, potential clients asking questions are trading with another broker and will expect such service. It’s important not to forget that 24 hour service is essential in the forex industry, another reason to have a live chat feature. It’ also more convenient for clients to start a live chat dialogue than dial a phone number, especially for simple questions.

#4. Forex Trading Cabinet / Trader’s Room Area

Offering your customers the ability to easily apply for an account, view important details, deposit funds, update account information and run reports are all features available in our Trader’s Room Area. In addition to these components, a Trader’s Room also crunches all the available information pertaining to your brokerage, providing valuable insight via a variety of reports and analytical tools. Nearly every forex broker now has a Trader Cabinet area integrated into their website, putting your brokerage at a severe disadvantage if this feature isn’t available.

#5. Integration of Online Account Application Forms

PDF, or printable account applications are now things of the past. Nowadays, nearly every FX broker website offers an online application form, a feature that makes the account opening process as quick and simple as possible. PDF or paper applications also create organizational problems since scanned copies of agreements can quickly and easily clutter your storage system. A better solution is to store the data in our Trading Cabinet solution, which easily organizes all applications, KYC documents and correspondence in an easy to use interface.

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