FX Call Center

FX Call Center

Our FX call center is an idea outsourced solution for brokers looking to expand their sales outreach.

Far More Than Your Typical Call Center…

Securing qualified client support personnel is one of the many challenges a brokerage faces. Because retail forex trading remains very much a niche product, it’s rare to easily find a pool of talented individuals who possess an FX background. An additional hurdle is the 24-hour nature of the market, which further narrows the candidate pool as overnight and evening shifts are often dealbreakers for potential candidates. Finally, when an appropriate hire is finally chosen, several months of training and mentorship are required before full value on the investment can be realized. These are some of the reasons our FX call center can be an excellent service for your brokerage.

A Support & Sales Team That “Speaks” Forex

The idea of call center outsourcing is not a new phenomenon; at some point all of us have interacted with this type of service. What Atomiq Consulting offers, however, is unique: our goal is to put the term Forex Call Center in a positive light. Unlike a traditional call center, we place the highest emphasis on quality. Due to the competitive market that is forex, anything less simply won’t suffice.

Get Started Today!

At Atomiq Consulting we employ a team of competent and ambitious individuals who already “speak” forex. Additionally, we can also offer lead generation services as part of our call center package. To learn more about our Forex Call Center, contact us today.

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