How Fast Is Your Website?

Our research shows that a slow website has been proven to negatively impact search ranking.

As part of our forex web design services, when we evaluate the sites of our clients, something we always make sure to check is the site speed. This is especially important in the FX industry where visitors will be hitting your page from literally all parts of the globe. Unlike banners, sliders, or other graphics, site speed is often overlooked, or not even a consideration. Remember that although the site might load fine for you, that isn’t always the case for visitors from other regions.

Website Speed Impacts Search Rankings

Website speed and its relation to Google is important to understand. Our research has shown that a fast website itself doesn’t necessarily impact how your site ranks in Google. The important takeaway though is that a slow website has been proven to negatively impact search ranking. I liken this to a F1 race. Your car has to have a decent engine if it wants to even compete in the race; your website should be no different.

A Couple Helpful Tools

GT Metrix – We like this tool because it gives out specific solutions for fixing the site speed and provides an overall score at the end, giving you a benchmark that can be used in the future to compare improvements. Google Page Speed Insights – Since we are after a higher search ranking in Google, why not go straight to the source? Although not as comprehensive as GT Metrix, the suggestions should be taken seriously since they are directly impacting site ranking. Plus, it’s always good to have at least 2 opinions on this subject.

Website Design Expertise

As part of our suite of IT services, Atomiq Consulting specializes in forex website development and gladly offers guidance like this article to those who want to know how to build a forex website. We can not only design website template for your FX broker, but also provide one-on-one customization based on your specific needs. In addition, we develop pages for IBs, white labels, and even landing pages. We are pleased to provide your broker with a brief website evaluation at no charge. To learn more contact us below.

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