Why Is It So Difficult to Build a Forex Website? 5 Reasons Atomiq Consulting is the Ideal Partner for Forex Web Design Services

Our experience has shown that it’s better to partner with an expert in forex website design services then try to build the website “in house”.

We speak quite often with clients that are interested in exploring our forex website design services. During these discussions, a common question often comes up: how easy it is to build a forex website? Although there are exceptions, we generally encourage potential clients to partner with our team of website specialists rather than trying to build the website “in house.”

In today’s article, we’ll provide several reasons why it makes more sense to hire Atomiq Consulting for your forex website design needs than try to launch the entire website on your own.

#1. Finding a Web Development Team that Specializes in Forex is Not Easy

It’s quite easy to find website developers. Chances are that if you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’ve spoken with a few already. The challenge, of course, is to find a website development team that specializes in the forex market and understands what is needed for a website to compete with other brokers. From our experience, it will end up being more costly and take longer for a non-specialized team to build a competitive website.

The reason you may end up paying more money for a non-specialized team to build your website is that it will take time to research the market and determine what is needed to be competitive. The research required to properly build your broker’s webpage will ultimately delay the launch of the website, costing valuable time in the process. By partnering with Atomiq Consulting, both time and money are saved because we offer your broker the opportunity to leverage our decades of industry experience and knowledge.

#2. Developing a Website “In-House” Takes Time

It may be tempting to design and build a forex website yourself. Our experience has shown, however, that this can be a time consuming process. This viewpoint holds especially true if you are looking to integrate a Trader’s Room area or login portal for your investors. Developing such a system on your own will be a long and time consuming process, something we wouldn’t normally suggest doing when you are initially starting your forex brokerage.

If you are seriously interested in launching a forex brokerage, then it makes more sense to partner with Atomiq Consulting for the design and launch of your website. Not only do you save valuable time but you’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of the business such as sales and marketing.

#3. Knowledge of the FX Industry is Important

If you prefer to utilize a forex web design template rather than design a website from scratch, it’s best to get the opinion of an industry expert. We are more than happy to provide our feedback on the template you’ve chosen for your forex website and can also assist you in launching the page. Remember, once you start the website design process, it is very difficult to make design and layout changes after the the project has begun. Valuable time is saved by consulting with a team that has many years of industry experience under its belt.

If you are looking to launch your own forex broker, it may save time and resources to hire Atomiq Consulting to build your website, freeing up valuable time so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

#4. There Are Other Components To Launching a Brokerage

If you are interested in launching your own forex brokerage, it’s important to bear in mind that there are many components in the process. If you still haven’t incorporated your business or set up a bank account, then that should be your starting point. You’ll also have to establish a white label partnership and obtain liquidity. None of these steps can be achieved overnight, which is why you should strongly consider hiring Atomiq Consulting for the design of your website. By assigning this project to our team of experts, your broker will  free up valuable time that will be required to properly manage the other aspects of launching your brokerage.

#5. A Free Forex Website Template Simply Isn’t Enough

Finally, we are often asked if it makes sense to download a free forex website template and launch the site from there. Due to the competitive nature of the FX industry, this is something we only recommend as a temporary solution. Your website is the shopping window of your brokerage, and it doesn’t take an expert to recognize a low quality website. In our opinion, the amount of money saved via a free website template isn’t worth the potential loss to your broker’s reputation and image. 

Partner with Atomiq Consulting and Receive a Custom Designed Forex Themed Website at a Competitive Price

With decades of experience in the foreign exchange industry, Atomiq Consulting gladly offers guidance to brokers interested in building their own forex broker website. As a complement to our design services, we are also able to integrate our Forex Trading Cabinet technology into your website as well. Our Trader Cabinet technology is an excellent supplement to your website which will serve as an online portal for your clients to access their account details. Additional benefits of our FX Trading Cabinet are integrated application forms, a variety of analytical tools, task automation, and much more.

To receive a free price estimate on our website services or discuss our FX Trader Cabinet technology in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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