How Fast Is Your Forex Website? – How Speed Impacts Your Website’s SEO Ranking

Changes to Google’s search algorithm now place a higher emphasis on the website’s loading speed, something that shouldn’t be overlooked if you wish for your forex broker’s website to remain competitive.

Website design & development for FX brokers are one of the core services offered by Atomiq Consulting. Our services, however, are far more extensive than simply providing website templates to our clients. Rather, Atomiq Consulting offers a complete design & development package that covers everything needed for your forex broker’s website to stay competitive. A perfect example is the speed of your forex broker’s website.

If you wish for your broker’s website to keep up with the competition, it’s important not to overlook how Google ranks the speed of your website.

The Speed of Your Forex Broker’s Website Impacts Search Results!

From our experience, website developers tend to place too much emphasis on design and overlook the nuts and bolts found “under the hood”. A perfect example is website speed. Google’s search algorithm is constantly changing, with more emphasis being placed on website speed than it was in the past. From the perspective of Google this is logical since they wish to reward websites that provide not only the most accurate search results, but the fastest as well.

The speed of your forex broker’s website and subsequently how it impacts search results (SEO) is important to understand. Our research has shown that a fast website itself doesn’t necessarily impact how your site ranks in Google. The important takeaway though, is that a slow website has been proven to negatively impact search ranking. Consider a car in an F1 race. If your racer even wishes to enter the comeptition, then at a minimum the car must  have a decent engine; your FX broker’s website should be no different.

Some Helpful Tools For Improving the Speed of Your Forex Broker’s Website

GT Metrix – We like this tool because it offers specific solutions for speed issues and provides an overall score at the end, giving your broker a benchmark that can be for site improvements down the road.

Google Page Speed Insights – Since the goal of any website is a higher search ranking in Google, why not go straight to the source? Although not as comprehensive as GT Metrix, the suggestions provided by Google Search Console should be taken seriously since they coming directly from the search engine itself.

Atomiq Consulting – Forex Website Design Expertise

Forex web design and development are one of the core services offered by Atomiq Consulting. No doubt today’s article has served as a demonstration of our extensive knowledge of website development. If you’ve found it helpful, you may also want to check a recent post that covers some of the most critical components every forex website must have.

Not only do we build website templates at Atomiq Consulting, but also provide a fully customized website design based on your broker’s specific needs. In addition, our team of developers can construct unique websites for IBs, white labels, and even customized landing pages.

We are pleased to offer a free consultation that covers all of our website design services along with a free price quote. To get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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