5 Ways Our Forex Trader’s Cabinet Can Boost Your Broker’s Performance

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Due to the competitive nature of the online foreign exchange industry, every forex broker should strongly consider integrating Forex Trading Cabinet technology into their website.

The Atomiq Consulting Forex Trading Cabinet is a must have for any broker looking to thrive in today’s competitive market landscape. Our technology is designed with your customers in mind, making a positive client experience the first priority of our Forex Trader Cabinet Technology. In addition, we offer a variety of tools & reports that will help to automate tasks and provide valuable insight into the day to day operations of your business.

Multi Level IBs

Brokers working with either MT4 or MT5 will require a technology solution that supports multi tier or multi level IB payments. It is important not to overlook the significant contribution that IBs bring to a broker’s bottom line. Forex brokerages that fail to offer an IB / Referral Program are potentially sacrificing significant revenue. In addition, it has become an industry standard at this stage to offer multi-level payments to IBs; not having this solution puts your broker at a major disadvantage.

Automation of Deposits & Withdrawals

Our Forex Trader’s Cabinet fully automates the processing of all incoming and outgoing payments. With a flexible and simple to use approval process, we make it easy to book individual payments as well as approve deposits in bulk. By automating just this one service, hours of time will be saved, thereby helping to reduce the overall costs of running your brokerage.  Additionally, due to our experience with corporate services and banking, we are able to seamlessly integrate any PSP or payment gateway your broker requires directly into our Trading Cabinet.

Our Forex Trader’s cabinet offers a myriad of reporting capabilities to brokers, which no doubt helps to pinpoint areas of improvement, thereby helping to increase revenues.

Simple Onboarding via Application Forms

Brokers who are still offering PDF or paper applications will struggle to sign up new business. It has now become an industry standard to offer online applications which are much easier not only for the client to complete but also for your broker to process. As part of our Forex Trading Cabinet solution, we offer live account application forms which automatically integrate to your trading platform of choice: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, the Condor FX Pro platform, or any other trading system.

Analytical Tools & Reporting

The Atomiq Consulting Forex Trading Cabinet also serves as an excellent analytical tool. Our technology will crunch all the data surrounding brokerage to provide valuable insights. We offer a variety of reports which focus on all aspects of the business: operations, risk, marketing, and more. This feature alone will help to significantly minimize costs as well as point out areas of potentially lost revenue.

Our FX Trading Cabinet Is An Excellent Complement to Your Website

Because we also specialize in forex website design at Atomiq Consulting, we understand exactly what is required to have a successful forex website. Our team of specialists can easily integrate our Forex Trader’s Room into your existing website or offer a complete package for brokers who don’t have a website yet. In either case, it makes sense to partner with a firm that can offer all of these services under a single package.

Request A Demonstration of Our FX Trading Cabinet Today

We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the multitude of features our Forex Trader’s Cabinet offers to our clients. Not only does our technology provide many more features than covered in today’s post, we are always open to additional customization requests that your broker may require. To discover all of the system features, or ask a specific question, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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