5 Forex Website Must Haves

When setting a budget for your website, consider some of these recommended components.

Those looking to start their own FX brokerages, establish a white label, or upgrade from a starter website might be curious about what’s needed to have a competitive FX website design. The challenge here is that when it comes to website development, the budget is technically unlimited. Without the proper planning, one could easily overspend on features and other add ons that might not be necessary or add additional value.

Due to our experience as forex consultants and general industry knowledge, we have a good idea of how to build a forex webiste.

Call to Action – For those new to this term, this simply represents the direction, or action you’d like visitors of your site to take. Examples include signing up for a demo account, subscribing to an email newsletter, or requesting signal services. A call to action is important because you’d like to take full advantage of the visitor’s attention; a promotion or offer for signals will be a way to ensure the attention isn’t lost.

Live Chat – Due to the competitive nature of the FX industry, it’s important for potential clients to have the ability to ask immediate questions about your broker’s offering. In most cases, those asking questions are trading somewhere else and are used to getting this type of service anyway. An additional reason is that all brokers must have 24 hour support, due to the nature of the industry. Finally, most prefer to simply initiate a chat than go through the hassle of dialing a number for a simple question.

Integration of Forms – It’s difficult to scale growth and run a broker efficiently if demo and live account registration forms aren’t integrated with the trading platform. Manually entering data into databases can add up in terms of time and money. In addition, the client experience is far better when the demo and live account processes are automated.

“Language Ready” – From our experience it’s rare for a broker to only target a single region or country. For this reason it’s important to decide how multiple languages will be dealt with before major work is done. Without the necessary planning, it can be a logistical nightmare to make changes that impact all language pages, something especially challenging for brokers in highly regulated regions where specific text and terms must be updated across language pages.

Payment Integration – Payment via credit, debit or other local services are by far the most popular way to deposit funds. A broker offering only wire transfers is severely limited in the attractiveness of their offering. Before launching a serious marketing campaign or even formally going live with the website, a minimum integration of credit cards should happen.

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