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A common trend we are witnessing in the online forex & CFD trading industry is the increasing difficulty in securing banking and payment solutions for new forex brokers. These challenges spill over into the realm of forex money management because banks place FX & CFD asset management services into the same high risk category as full fledged forex brokerages. As a result, the only way to properly manage assets in the forex industry and ultimately scale an FX asset management business is to apply for a forex money management license.

How to Obtain a Forex Money Manager License? Some Important Considerations

If you are interested in applying for an FX asset management license, you should be aware of the minimum criteria needed to start. The barriers to entry have gone up in the past few years which mean that is no longer feasible to manage funds with a basic offshore company because banking options for these type of structures are quickly drying up.

Regardless of the jurisdiction, your forex asset management firm should expect to open up a local office in the region providing the license, hire a local director or in some cases multiple directors, deposit paid up capital, and be prepared to file quarterly and annual governmental reports. Finally, the beneficial owners of the asset management firm must be able to demonstrate a background in finance either via university diplomas or with relevant work references.

Selecting the Proper Forex Asset Management Jurisdiction

As part of our consultation services, our team will  guide your firm through the various jurisdictions which currently offer forex asset management license services. Note that your specific preferences in a jurisdiction may involve additional  / increased regulatory requirements, something that holds especially true in regions like Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

Legally managing assets in Europe, for example, is more strict in terms of regulations and requirements than other parts of the world. Because the process of obtaining regulation in Europe is time consuming and cumbersome, we often advise our clients to consider umbrella regulation via an Appointed Representative (AR) structure in the UK or a Tied Agent option in Europe. Regardless of your firm’s desired jurisdiction, our team at Atomiq Consulting are able to provide the necessary guidance for each step of the process.

Atomiq Consulting – Your Partner for FX Asset / Money Management Licensing Services

Atomiq Consulting has many years of experience providing license consultation to a global portfolio of forex brokers and asset management firms. With regulations constantly changing, it’s crucial to partner with a firm familiar with the latest industry changes. Our knowledge of the forex & CFD indudtry combined with our expertise make us the ideal consultation firm to assist your business in obtaining an FX money management license.

To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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