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Client Cases Studies

Client Cases Studies

  How exactly does Atomiq Consulting assist MT4 brokers who require Administrator, Manager and other IT related assistance? We find the best way to describe our MT4 Management services is to provide some true examples of the ways we’ve added value to our client base. Have a look at these 2 case studies, based on actual […]

MT4 Dev Server Leasing

MT4 Dev Server Leasing

  In addition to our MT4 Administrator & Server management services, we also make it possible to temporarily lease a development server. This can be used for short term project development, coding, etc. Due to our expertise in MT4 we are also able to provide basic support as part of our service offering as well. […]

MT4 White Label Considerations

Institutional Money Management

Recently we had a conversation with a client regarding the steps involved in setting up a white label. As forex consultants, one of our services is assisting brokers in the key decisions involved in establishing a white label. In order to assist those who are interested in getting started, we’ve provided an outline of some important […]

St. Vincent and the Grenadines –...

St. Vincent And The Grenadines

Company incorporation/formation is an essential component of a newly launched brokerage. With many options to consider, it can often be a challenge to decide which offshore company formation is the best for your brokerage. Because the forex market is constantly changing, being held back by a drawn out registration process can incur significant costs in […]

Why Consider An FX Broker License In ...

Labuan Malaysia

Forex Broker License Focus: Labuan, Malaysia The regulatory landscape for fx broker licenses is similar to a rollercoaster ride, with plenty of twists, turns and surprises. Regions which were popular only several years ago have basically shut their doors, while newer areas are constantly emerging. An example is Labuan, Malaysia, a fairly recent option for […]

Do Profitable Money Managers Exist?


Due to the rapid growth of the FX industry over the past decade and relative ease of starting an online business, investors can be overwhelmed by the amount of choices available. The sad truth is that the majority of those who claim to be money managers are either lying completely or fudging the numbers to […]

Overview of the Forex Regulatory Land...

Forex Money Management

The regulatory landscape for the retail forex industry can often be compared to some of the more volatile currency pairs like GBP/JPY or GBP/CHF: constantly changing, and at times unpredictable. Take the case of the United States, which only 10 years ago had a thriving industry. Today, as we’ll discuss in more detail, the market […]

Does It Make Sense To Get An MT4 Grey...

White Label

In the past couple of years a new flavor of white labels is now being promoted in the retail FX industry. Known as grey labels, they are sold as an even more cost effective way to launch a brokerage. Those who are considering starting their own forex brokerage might ask themselves some questions related to […]

Does It Make Sense To Acquire An MT4 ...

Does it make more sense to purchase an MT4 server license or select a white label option? We discuss the pros and cons.

    A Difficult, Yet Crucial Decision Deciding whether to purchase an MT4 license is a critical decision for both new entrants to the market as well as existing brokers looking to take the next step. Recently we had a discussion with a potential client who expressed interest in our MT4 server consulting services. We decided […]

Forex Broker License Overview

Website Translations

The foreign exchange industry is a rapidly changing environment: what was the norm only a few years back is now no longer relevant in 2015. This is especially the case when it comes to regulation and broker licenes. Consider that 10 years ago there were literally no barriers to entry for fx brokers in the United […]