Services Overview

Atomiq Consulting specializes in a variety of services designed to help forex brokers achieve their maximum potential:

MT4/ MT5 IT Administration & Outsourcing

Our team of IT specialists will help to fully configure, troubleshoot, and manage your broker’s MT4 or MT5 system. Not only do we support the complete MT4/MT5 infrastructure but are also able to configure and set up liquidity bridges, install server plugins, and manage the virtual hosted environments. By leveraging our IT knowledge and expertise, forex brokers save valuable time and money when they partner with Atomiq Consulting’s IT Outsourcing Services.

Forex Broker Licensing Services

The regulatory landscape in the online forex & CFD industry is constantly evolving; what was the norm a month ago is old news today. Due to these constant changes, Atomiq Consulting is the ideal firm to assist both new and established forex brokerages obtain a license in a variety of regions across the globe.

Forex Marketplace – FX Brokers For Sale

Due to our vast network of FX brokers, liquidity providers, and legal firms, Atomiq Consulting offers a virtual marketplace for the purchase or sale of businesses within the FX industry. We are able to assist both sides of the transaction: potential buyers looking to acquire a brokerage can work with our team; conversely we can also assist an existing brokerage sell their business.

Forex Website Design

Our team of website experts will deliver your FX brokerage a custom tailored forex website specifically designed to meet your broker’s unique needs. We perform all of our work “in house” which improves speed of delivery and keeps cost at a minimum.

MT4/MT5 White Labels & Liquidity

If you are looking to start your own forex brokerage, we offer the complete package: technology, pricing, liquidity, website design services and more!

Forex Leads For Sale & Traffic Generation Services

We offer high quality leads and traffic from nearly all locations around the globe. Specializing in “real time” generation, we are able to provide hot leads delivered directly to your broker’s CRM system.


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