How To Get a Belize (FSC) Forex License?

A forex broker license in Belize is relatively easy to establish and offers greater flexibility than continental jurisdictions, making it a serious consideration for FX brokers interested in offshore licensing.

Due to recent regulatory developments in Europe and Australia, forex brokers are now strongly evaluating offshore license jurisdictions such as Belize. Leverage flexibility, tax optimization, and ease of set up are just a few reasons for obtaining an FSC regulated forex broker license in Belize. With decades of experience in establishing forex broker licenses around the globe, Atomiq Consulting is the ideal partner to assist your brokerage in establishing a license in Belize.

Obtaining A Belize FSC Forex License – How Does It Work?

  • In order to receive a forex license in Belize, the broker must first establish an International Business Company (IBC).
  • Prior to setting up the IBC, we’ll require some basic information about your brokerage: identity documents of all shareholders, intended structure, and the desired business name are just a few examples of the requirements.
  • Upon successful registration, we’ll then submit your license application to the Belize FSC (International Financial Services Commission).
  • Once the license has been approved by the FSC, we’ll establish the required bank accounts needed for operational, deposit, and capital purposes.
  • A physical presence as well as local directors are a prerequisite for obtaining a forex broker license in Belize. As part of the services offered at Atomiq Consulting, we’ll assist you both in securing office space and as well as appointing local directors.

Important Facts Related to a Belize FX License 

  • $500,000 in paid up capital is required
  • The Belize FSC mandates that licensed brokers maintain a physical office with local directors
  • Total time to obtain the license varies from 5 to 6 months
  • Unlike Cyprus or the United Kingdom, forex broker licenses in Belize have no restrictions pertaining to leverage
  • Money management services are also permitted with this license

Atomiq Consulting – Your FX Broker Licensing Partner

Founded in 2014, we are the consultation company of choice for both new and established forex brokers seeking regulation in Belize. Due to our decades of forex industry experience, professionalism, and positive track record, brokers around the globe have partnered with Atomiq Consulting for guidance in establishing their forex broker licenses. If you are interested in obtaining a Belize FSC regulated broker license, contact us today to get started.

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    Belize FSC FX License FAQ

    Is it possible to purchase an existing forex broker licensed in Belize? Are there any FSC licensed brokers currently for sale?

    In addition to license consultation, we can also assist you in acquiring an existing offshore licensed broker. Because our offers vary based on availability in the market, it is best to contact us directly to discuss our current offers.

    How long does it take to get a forex broker license in Belize?

    Each situation is unique, making it difficult to estimate a specific time, however, as a general rule a license can be established within 5 to 6 months.

    What is the regulator that oversees forex related activity Belize?

    The Belize FSC (Financial Services Commission) regulates forex brokerages in Belize.

    Which offshore jurisdictions are comparable to Belize?

    Brokers considering offshore licensing options may also be interested in applying for a license in Seychelles. In addition, a license in the Cayman Islands should be another consideration.

    How does the Belize FSC regulated forex activity?

    Forex regulation in Belize is governed via the Computer Wagering License Act.

    Is a physical office needed to obtain a license in the Belize?

    Yes, this requirement is the case for most offshore jurisdictions. For example a forex license in Mauritius also requires a physical presence.

    Where can I find a directory of FSC regulated brokers?

    A complete list of forex brokers licensed in Belize is published on the website of the Belize International Financial Services Commission (FSC).

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