Obtain a Seychelles Forex License

Seychelles Offshore Forex License

Forex brokers interested in offshore licenses should strongly consider Seychelles, a globally recognized entity for offshore corporate and license formations.

Due to the explosion of growth in the forex industry over the past decade, new regulatory options have begun to pop up throughout the globe. Those looking to obtain an offshore forex license should consider Seychelles, a relatively newer jurisdiction. Located south of the Arabian Sea and to the east of Africa, Seychelles offers both forex brokers and money managers the ability to run a licensed forex business which includes access to a bank account.

Establishing a Forex Broker License in Seychelles – How Does It Work?

  • To start the process, our team will need to collect documentation related to your business
  • Upon receiving all documentation, the first step in the process is selecting a business name and incorporating the company in Seychelles
  • After successful company registration, we’ll proceed with the license application
  • During the application process we’ll communicate with you regarding updates and any additional items needed
  • Upon successful approval of the license, we’ll also assist in establishing a bank account

Important Facts Related to a Seychelles FX Broker License 

  • Capital requirements currently capped at $50,000
  • 2 local directors required
  • A physical office in Seychelles is also needed
  • Local bank account available as part of the package

Atomiq Consulting – Your Forex Broker Licensing Partner

If you are looking to obtain a Seychelles forex license, don’t hesitate to contact Atomiq Consulting. After receiving some basic information about your business plans, we are happy to provide a quote and overview of the license process. With many years of experience in the forex industry and corporate services, Atomiq Consulting is the best choice for a professional and efficient application process.

Contact Us!

To learn more about the set up process, fees, and other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAQ Related to Obtaining a Seychelles Forex License

Which regulatory body oversees online forex trading in Seychelles?

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). To learn further details about the Seychelles FSA and how they regulate forex, simply visit their site.

What law governs forex trading for brokers licensed in Seychelles?

The Securities Act of 2007 as well as the the Securities Regulations which were adopted in 2008. Full guidelines related to all acts and regulations are available here.

What class of license does a forex broker receive after successfully applying?

The license is officially known as a Security Dealers License.

What are the capital requirements?

There are certain jurisdictions where capital requirements are set on a case-by-case basis, for example, a forex license in BVI doesn’t have set capital requirements. In Seychelles, this is not the case, where capital levels are currently fixed at $50,000.

Are local directors required?

Yes, when you obtain an offshore forex license in Seychelles, a local director and office are needed. If this is not something you are looking for, you may want to consider a jurisdiction like Vanuatu where local directors and an office are currently not required.

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