What is a Key Individual (KI) when Applying for a Forex Broker License in South Africa?

The biggest challenge forex brokers face when exploring new licensing jurisdictions surrounds the unique rules and guidelines set forth by each regulatory body.

South Africa happens to be one such region that is recognized for its unique requirements that often differ from other jurisdictions regulating forex & CFDs. An example of one such requirement unique to South Africa is the necessity for each FSCA regulated FSP to appoint a Key Individual (KI).

What is a Key Individual (KI) in South Africa?

The South Africa FSCA requires that all licensed forex brokerages, locally known as FSPs, appoint a Key Individual,or KI for short. The significance of the KI cannot be understated as it is not just a simple director or compliance role that is often found in other jurisdictions, especially offshore. In essence, the KI is responsible not just for compliance but marketing and essentially all actions performed by the company directors.

Not only does a KI have major responsibilities within the licensed FSP, specific certification is required to be approved by the FSCA. This means that one cannot appoint a KI as liberally as brokers appoint directors in other regions. In South Africa, the KI must prove that he or she has the necessary certifications to take on this role.

Residency Requirements for South Africa Key Individuals

As a final thought, a KI doesn’t necessarily need to be a resident of South Africa. With that said, if the Key Individual happens to be a non-resident, he or she must still demonstrate adequate knowledge of local regulations and be able to provide proof of certification. For this reason, it is more common that a KI resides in South Africa since it is rare to find such certification in countries outside of South Africa. Forex brokers in search of a KI should note that during the selection process, the probability is quite high that the desired KI will already reside in South Africa.

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