Cryptocurrency Regulation Around the World – A Global Overview of Bitcoin Regulation

Although bitcoin regulation is currently sparse, becoming a cryptocurrency broker is not as easy as it seems.

Cryptocurrency Regulation – How To Become a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Broker?

The rapid rise in value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has brought waves of attention from the global investment community. As with many emerging industries, cryptocurrency regulation is still in its early stages. Many are now looking to take advantage of a new industry with massive future potential. As specialists in corporate formations, licenses, and banking solutions for online forex (foreign exchange brokers), Atomiq Consulting is an excellent position to guide brokers and other investors looking to obtain money transmitter licenses for their cryptocurrency businesses.

Where are Crypto Currencies Currently Regulated?

A good place to start is to examine where bitcoin and blockchain regulation currently exists. Because of their disrupting nature and relatively new entrance to the marketplace, there is little regulation for cryptocurrencies as of this moment. A few exceptions do exist.

Cryptocurency Regulation in Europe

Europe remains very much a patchwork of local rules and regulations which are constantly changing. Despite the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency regulation in Europe, a couple of countries have stood out from the pack.

Malta has led the way, having established a massive framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies for several years now. The only challenge that Malta now faces is that it is currently flooded with applications, a price to pay for being the first in line.

Another region also worth notice is Estonia, which has recently combined 2 of its licenses into an “all in one” cryptocurrency exchange license. Those looking to obtain regulation more quickly and with less upfront costs should strongly consider obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia.

Cryptocurrency Regulation Around the Globe


So far, Turkey has not taken any steps towards the regulation of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. Given our experience in the online forex sector, we don’t imagine that Turkey will be a pioneer in this regard given the distate the government has for the FX industry, which has been made illegal.


The regulation of cryptocurrencies in Australia was formally established in April of 2018. The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre which is commonly referred to as AUSTRAC requires that all cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Australia register with them. In addition to registration the exchange must also adhere to the government’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing standards.

In addition to the AUSTRAC registration, all cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia must also receive approval with the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). These standards are laid out in the ADCA Code of Conduct. 

New Zealand

Unlike Australia, the regulation of cryptocurrency in New Zealand remains a grey area. The New Zealand FMA is the de-facto authority on finance in New Zealand, however, they have yet to set out any type of framework for the regulation of cryptocurrency in New Zealand.

How Do I Get Started?

Due to the nearly open landscape in bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation previously described, it can appear easy at first to get started: simply set up a company and bank account. Establishing a cryptocurrency business is not as easy as it looks. Any of those who have tried this route can attest to this fact. Although the lack of regulation can be viewed as lowering the barriers to entry, many hurdles still present themselves.

To help navigate these challenges, Atomiq Consulting is able to guide your firm with help in registering, launching, and accepting payments for cryptocurrencies. We are happy to work with existing forex brokers looking for a bitcoin / cryptocurrency license, as well as new entities.

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