Diamond Trading Made Easy – Introducing Live Rates Feeds

Live Rates Feeds is poised to disrupt the industry with its diamond index launch.

With the exception of bitcoin trading in broker platforms, in recent years there simply haven’t been any major trading product breakthroughs to disrupt the market. In an industry that thrives on innovation, the launch of Live Rates Feeds looks to be the big idea that will generate buzz in brokerages around the globe. The positive feedback and interest from those we’ve spoken to already makes us very excited to announce the news of this pre-launch.

How it Works

Live Rates Feeds makes it possible for traders to speculate on the live, real-time price movement of diamonds. The feed is based on an index created by one of the biggest players in the diamond industry. What separates this idea from others is that an element of supply and demand has been added to the feed, which is based on real time trading volume. In effect, traders can confidently speculate on the true market value for diamonds, just like any other trading product.


In anticipation of the buzz this product will generate, Live Rates Feeds has partnered with an accredited trading academy to offer a course on how to trade a diamond index This step was taken to ensure the same level of education and resources available for FX & CFDs is made to those looking to trade diamonds, not to mention the many questions that brokers will encounter.


Live Rates Feeds has established a strong network of affiliates who represent different facets of the industry: technology, education, and liquidity/execution. Experience has shown that early adopters often reap the most rewards when it comes to product innovation, especially in a highly competitive industry like FX.


As part of the launch, the diamond index will be distributed by one of the industry’s leading bridge providers, however, any broker working with FIX protocol can easily implement the feed into their system. To learn more about this truly innovative market disruptor, head to: http://www.liveratesfeeds.com/

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