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Bitcoin has continued to grow in popularity. For newbies, “how to buy or sell bitcoin” is often the next popular question to “what is bitcoin?”. Typically, experienced users source bitcoin on exchanges (virtual market places). However, trading on exchanges present a multitude of limitations; onboarding market participants typically takes 3-5 business days after successfully meeting a myriad of KYC requirements. Exchanges often place embargoes on residents of jurisdictions where bitcoin doesn’t have legal status, and use deposit and withdrawal thresholds to control liquidity.

These barriers have spurred the development of alternative market places, such as: over the counter (OTC) and in person options, all of which carry peculiar risks and meet a varying range of client needs.

Why You Would Rather Buy or Sell Bitcoin with Us!

We adopt the highest standards of professionalism in facilitating bitcoin trades on either the buy or sell side.

1. Trading Capacity : We can facilitate the purchase and sale of beyond and above 1000 bitcoin units at a time. We have been instrumental in helping our clients satisfy their needs; whether it is in hedging price volatility risk or securing their profits through instant bulk transactions.

2. Legal Support : Given the jurisdictional discrepancies on the legality of bitcoin trades, our team of legal experts provide consultation relevant to any participating jurisdiction and all necessary documentation.

3. Flexibility and Transparency : Where required, we are always happy to work with our clients internal legal team. Our team is also disposed to meeting our clients representatives in a number of global locations.

4. Competitive Pricing : The best interest of our clients is at the heart of our business. Though this could mean maximum pricing for a seller, and the contrary for a buyer, we use business intelligent modelling to arrive at the optimum pricing that has proven competitive over the years.

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