Vanuatu FX License

Forex License in Vanuatu

Recently more forex & CFD brokers are establishing licenses in Vanuatu. A favorable tax regime, limited bureaucracy for obtaining a license, and low capital requirements are some of the major advantages of obtaining a license in Vanuatu.

How it Works

  1. Company Incorporation – The first step in the process is registering your company. We’ll require some basic documentation about the company’s shareholders as well as some name selections.
  2. Processing Application – Once the required documents have been provided, our team will begin the application process. Based on the application review, additional documents could be required.
  3. Issue of License – Once all documents have been fully processed, a license will be issued.

Important Facts About a Vanuatu License

$2,000 in capital requirements

No local director needed

4 – 6 week processing time (each application is unique, this is only an estimate)

Tax Advantages: Vanuatu registered companies do not pay income or capital gains tax


About Vanuatu

Vanuatu, formerly known as New Hebrides, is a recognized offshore finance hub in the Asia Pacific region. Financial services in Vanuatu are based upon English law and fall under the umbrella of the Companies Act.

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