FX Broker Licensing


FX Broker Licensing

We specialize in licensing and incorporation services for FX brokers and cryptocurrency businesses.

Let Us Help You Find The Best Fit For Your Broker

We are confident that we can offer several registration options that will adequately fulfill the unique requirements of your brokerage. In addition to licenses and company formation, we are also able to assist with bank accounts.


Vanuatu Vanuatu

  • One of the most cost-effective license options available
  • License holder not subject to corporate, withholding, or capital gains taxes
  • Only a single director needed to start
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Vincent St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • One of the most confidential jurisdictions for company incorporation
  • Our team can also assist with nominee director appointments
  • Registered entity does not pay corporate or withholding taxes
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Labuan Labuan, Malaysia

  • Very low taxes on profits
  • Relatively low capital requirements compared to other jurisdictions
  • Access to excellent banking options
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Seychelles Seychelles

  • $50,000 in share capital is a prerequisite
  • 2 directors required
  • Local office and compliance director needed as well
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Bahamas Bahamas

  • Long established jurisdiction for offshore financial services
  • $120,000 capital requirement for STP/A-Book brokers
  • A physical office and local directors are a requirement
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Bulgaria Bulgaria

  • An alternative to Cyprus but with the same EU-passporting advantages
  • Lowest corporate tax in the EU
  • Monthly license fees far lower compared to other EU countries
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Belize Belize

  • No taxes required to pay regardless of where income is earned
  • Only a single director and shareholder needed
  • Can be used to maintain offshore bank accounts
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Cyprus Cyprus

  • A CySEC license is respected by all EU countries
  • Carries a strong level of recognition within the FX industry
  • Corporate taxes are relatively low
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British Virgin Islands BVI

  • One of the fastest options in terms of set up time
  • The confidentiality provisions are some of the best available
  • Minimal taxes compared to other areas
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Malta Malta

  • Double tax treaty network with over 70 countries
  • Relative new regulatory regime which is open to new proposals
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Mauritius Mauritius

  • Relatively low capital requirements
  • No restrictions on leverage
  • Ability to offer managed accounts: PAMM & MAM
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Forex Broker License Specialists

Whether you would like to set up your first fx broker license, or would like to expand into new regions, Atomiq Consulting is adequately prepared to offer you our industry guidance and expertise. In addition to licenses, we can also assist with corporate bank accounts for forex brokers as well as payment solutions. Due to the rapidly changing nature of regulation in the FX industry, it’s important to work with a firm that keeps up with the changing trends surrounding forex broker licenses and incorporation. Unlike many license/company formation providers, we always explain the conditions and limitations before taking your money. Furthermore, we offer one-on-one guidance and support to each of our clients as we understand the importance of getting your license set up properly on the first attempt.

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Atomiq Consulting is an industry specialist in FX and offshore broker licenses. We’ve successfully assisted both new and existing brokers with licenses, company registrations, and bank accounts. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our services in more detail.

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