Cyprus FX License

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Cyprus is the most popular vehicle used by brokers who wish to promote their services within the European Union. Compared to other member states, Cyprus offers one of the fastest methods for obtaining a forex license. With that in mind, the process is not as fast as other jurisdictions such as Vanuatu.

Important Facts

  • Capital Requirement of $150,000 for STP
  • A physical office in Cyprus is required with a minimum of 2 directors
  • Annual auditing as well as ongoing compliance is also a minimum requirement
  • Application process lasts roughly 6 months

Without a license in Cyprus, it will be challenging for any broker with ambitions for Europe to make significant headway. In addition to our license offering, Atomiq Consulting can also assist brokers looking to establish a presence in a specific European Union country. Although each state has its unique set of requirements, we are able to provide the necessary guidance to aid in the decision making process.


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