Bitcoin in Forex Platforms is an Opportunity for Early Adopters

Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value this year presents an excellent marketing opportunity for brokers looking to edge out the competition.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is dominating the headlines due to its rapid rise in value since the beginning of the year. What’s been interesting is that a long term play on traditional “safe haven” products like gold or silver would not have yielded even a fraction of the return that Bitcoin has offered so far this year.

Trading opportunities in Bitcoin exist on both sides of the camp; only those who don’t have an opinion won’t find a reason to trade Bitcoin. For those who believe in BTC the opportunity is clear, however, the naysayers also have a chance, with each subsequent rise in value, to earn from a larger possible drop; as we know markets tend to fall faster than they rise.

Due to the waves that Bitcoin is making, more and more traders are seeking the opportunity to speculate on the crypto-currency. Like other products that are now industry standards: social trading, tablet support, etc, those who are some of the first to offer Bitcoin have an edge over the competition.

Atomiq Consulting prides itself on staying ahead of industry trends by offering a solution for brokers looking to speculate on Bitcoin. To learn more about how Bitcoin feed works in MT4, cTrader and other platforms, the pricing, as well as further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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