5 Reasons to Apply For a Vanuatu Forex Broker License

Forex & CFD brokers looking for a cost effective license solution should consider Vanuatu.

Forex brokers have found Vanuatu to be a popular offshore jurisdiction to incorporate their business and establish a license. In recent years regulations across the global have become more stringent, creating more challenges for non-licensed brokers. For this reason, additional license options have begun to appear, Vanuatu being one of them. In today’s article, we provide 5 reasons to consider obtaining a forex license in Vanuatu.

  • It’s a Simpler Process – Although obtaining any license will require paperwork, administration, and documentation, the application and delivery process in Vanuatu is far simpler than other jurisdictions. Assuming all paperwork is provided on a timely basis, licenses can be issued within a 4 – 6 week time period (bear in mind that each application is unique, and dealt with on case-by-case basis).
  • Cost Advantages – With capital requirements currently set at $2,000 and no need for a physical office or director, Vanuatu has lower barriers to entry than other license options.
  • Tax Advantages – Incorporated entities in Vanuatu are exempt from income and capital gains taxes, resulting in major savings for brokers.
  • Flexibility – A license in Vanuatu applies to both forex and binary options brokers alike. It’s also possible to offer social trading, copy trading, and other asset management services with a Vanuatu license. In essence, a license in Vanuatu offers literally everything a broker needs to effectively run its business.
  • Known Hub for Financial Services – Unlike other regions, Vanuatu has been an established hub for offshore financial services in the Asia / Pacific region for nearly 30 years. Because of its specialization in financial services, one can feel safe knowing they are working with a jurisdiction that understands finance.

A License in Vanuatu – An Excellent Choice for your Brokerage

For this reasons mentioned above, a Vanuatu FX license is a great alternative to some of the more time consuming offshore jurisdictions. Additionally, brokers with existing licenses can also expand their presence by registering a forex company in Vanuatu and obtaining a license there. Atomiq Consulting is an excellent partner for FX broker licensing and registration options. Not only have we successfully established licenses for our partners in the past, we are up to speed with the latest regulatory changes which can impact your decision.

To learn more about setting up a forex license and registering a company in Vanuatu, contact us today.

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